Getting Rid Of Scars Caused By Acne

The biggest problem with acne is not just that the lesions are unsightly but also that the scarring can be tough to get rid of. Laser treatment is the only effective method in some cases. You may need a few laser sessions to get the results you want, it depends on the type of scarring. Acne scars fall into two basic categories – Atrophic scarring – the “ice pick” scar that is typically deeper than its width and Hypertrohic scarring where the scars are basically raised bumps along the surface of the skin.

If you want to minimize scarring, you need to start with the first lesion. Try to keep your acne in control from day one and this will automatically reduce the risk of permanent scarring. If you have severe acne, get to the dermatologist as quickly as possible so that you get the right treatment and advice from day 1.

One way to deal with pus-filled lesions is to apply a warm compress in order to loosen the pus before applying the treatment cream. This makes it more effective and helps the product to penetrate to where it is needed.

Those who have darker skins have an additional problem in that there are dark brown marks left by the spots. These can take months to even start lightening up. If you want to get the process going more quickly, look for a product that has glycolic or salycilic acid. These help to bring the marks to the surface through exfoliating the skin. If really bad, book a glycolic peel with a licensed professional.

There are some natural products that work very well to brighten the skin. Try applying Kojic Acid, Soy or Licorice for their skin-brightening effects. Just one cautionary note – if you are taking any medications, make sure that there will be no adverse effects for mixing the two.

A very effective treatment when it comes to getting rid of acne scars and marks is retinoid. These products penetrate deep into the skin to help it renew and heal itself. If you do use these products, apply at night or follow with a high SPF sun screen – retinoid can react with the sun.

When it comes to scars that are really deep, you are going to need professional help. Laser treatments are very effective and will often be the only effective way to remove these scars. They can be targeted to the exact area needed and are highly effective in the hands of an experienced professional.

What this means for acne sufferers is that there is hope at the end of the day. Even if the acne does cause scarring, there is a way to have them effectively removed.